Graduate Student Affiliates


 Aycan KititasAycan Katitas—My research interests center on the international political economy and quantitative methodology, with a specific focus on foreign direct investment. I am most interested in the issues related to the relations between multinational corporations and host country government policies as well as how the public opinion on multinational corporations shapes the policy outcomes. Currently, my specific research interest mostly involves the rise of restrictive foreign direct investment policies in the USA due to increasing Chinese MNC takeovers of American companies.


Chelsea GoforthChelsea Goforth





Thomas GrayThomas Gray





Geoff GordonGeoff Gordon





Carl HuangCarl Huang





Robert KubinecRobert Kubinec is a PhD Candidate in the Politics Department at the University of Virginia. His research explores the role of businesspeople during critical moments of countries undergoing transitions from dictatorship to democracy. During 2016, he undertook field research in Egypt and Tunisia, meeting with a range of businesses, parliamentarians, policy wonks, journalists, and civil society regarding the tumultuous political changes of the last five years.



Ben Leyden
Jorge Miranda
Jining Zhong
Gang Zhang
Cailin Slattery

Nate PattisonNathaniel Pattison is a Ph.D. student with an interest in applied microeconomics, public economics, labor economics, and household finance. His research focuses on bankruptcy, debt collection, and consumer credit markets.


Candace Miller

Sarah Johnson

Colin Arnold


Bo Yang

Maria Tackett is a second year Ph.D. student in the Department of Statistics. Her research interests include Bayesian inference of object-oriented data, life course data, and sequence analysis. She is currently working on a project that applies Bayesian inference to a well known dataset of historical English dance sequences.


Ryan Maguire