James Lo

James Lo, Assistant Professor of Political Science (University of Southern California)

November 16, Monroe 120, 12:30-1:30pm TITLE: Fast Estimation of Ideal Points with Massive Data ABSTRACT:  Estimation of ideological positions among voters, legislators, and other actors is central to many subfields of political science. Recent applications include large data sets of various types including roll calls, surveys, textual and social media data. To overcome the resulting…

Rodrigo Castro Cornejo

Rodrigo Castro Cornejo: Who Receives Electoral Gifts? It Depends on Question Wording. Experimental Evidence from Mexico

September 21, Monroe 120, 12:30-1:30pm Abstract This study illustrates how variations in question wording cause notably different results when estimating vote buying in a given election. It cautions researchers about the use of filter questions and the phrase “in exchange for your vote” when asking respondents directly if they received any electoral gifts during the…

2017 QC Affiliates Postering Session

Tuesday, April 11 1:30-3:00 Minor Hall Conference Room Economics: Ben Leyden, Jorge Miranda, Jining Zhong, Cailin Slattery Statistics: Maria Tackett, Bo Yang Sociology: Candace Miller, Sarah Johnson, Colin Arnold Politics: Aycan Katitas, Thomas Gray, Carl Huang, and Bob Kubinec Music: Ryan Maguire