Call for 2017 Bynum Grants

An integral part of the mission of the Quantitative Collaborative (QC) is to improve the quality of graduate education in quantitatively oriented fields at the University of Virginia. Our graduate student affiliate program, to which you all belong, is an important means to this end. The QC steering committee collectively decided two years ago to provide project or training-based funding for our graduate student affiliates, where a fixed component of our seed grant budget would be set aside in order to fund research proposals, summer methods training, or equipment/software needs of the members of the affiliate program. The kind generosity of a UVa alumnus, Mr. Frank Bynum, has helped this goal become a reality.
As such, we would like to announce this year’s call for proposals for our Bynum Grants. The Bynum Grants are grants provided by the QC of up to $2000 for single-graduate student projects and up to $5000 for multiple-graduate student projects (in which students belong to different Departments). Only QC graduate student affiliates are eligible for these grants. Project teams funded by Bynum grants must be composed only of graduate students; faculty-led teams containing graduate students are encouraged to apply for our QC faculty seed grants. All members of multiple student teams must be QC graduate student affiliates.
Research expenses can include fieldwork or conference travel, data acquisition (survey-based, laboratory, field, historical, etc.), undergraduate research assistance, software acquisition, summer coursework in methods, etc. Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis. Proposals should explicitly describe the contribution that the Bynum Grant would play in furthering a specific research project being pursued by the applicant(s).
Bynum Grant Proposals should consist of:

  1. a narrative (3 pages maximum, 12 point font) addressing:
    1. the nature and significance of the research question;
    2. the quantitative methodology to be used;
    3. interdisciplinary social science aspects of the project;
    4. the role of Bynum funding in executing said project
  2. an itemized budget of proposed expenditures (one page maximum)

Winners of the Bynum grants will be expected to deliver a presentation at the QC internal speakers series describing a recently developed methodological tool of potential interest to the QC community. These presentations will be conducted collaboratively, consisting of teams of 2-3 Bynum grant winners. Topics and scheduling will be determined in consultation with the QC Director and Steering Committee.
All parts of the proposal should be combined into a single .pdf file and submitted electronically to Carol Westin ( by noon on Friday, March 31, 2017, with “QC Bynum Grant Proposal” in the subject line. Awards will be announced by mid-April.