2016 Spring Seed Grant Winners Announced

Dan Gingerich, Director of the Quantitative Collaborative, announced winners in the Faculty Seed Grant Competition.

Thomas Guterbock and Eric Turkheimer, Hugh Scott Hamilton Professor in the Department of Psychology were awarded $11,834 for their proposal Follow-Up of Louisville Twin Study Participants. Amalia Miller and Sheetal Sekhri won for Estimating Under Reporting of Domestic Violence and Investigating Mitigation Strategies, $12000. Federico Ciliberto was awarded $6000 to work on Network Formation and Market Competition in the Airline Industry.

The grants are used to offset costs associated with seeking larger funding sources and can be used for research expenses including travel, data acquisition (survey-based, laboratory, field, historical, etc.), graduate research assistance, computer support, etc. The money cannot be paid as faculty salary. See additional requirements here.

Congratulations on this achievement and best of luck with your research!